Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photos and recounts of Presentation Assembly

Last Friday was Room 2 and 8's Miraculous Water Show. My friends and classmates walked up onstage silently as a group of mice. I didn't need to go up on the wide stage becuase I was one of the hosts! BY KASEY

I played to songs with my recorder group, they were Magic Island and Simple Serenade. I was nervous at first. Once the person next to me made a funny mistake. BY CHARLOTTE

My part was to splash around the big, strong, heavy rocks. WE had to act like really wavy water. I liked my part because water was what we were learning about. BY ROSA

I was uncomfortable wearing the costume and I looked weird. At the end when it was my turn to perform I was scared but I had fun. BY DIMITRIOS
I thought I was going to trip over but I didn't. The part I liked best was the turning. BY LEXI.

When it was my cue to dance I felt like I was going to have stagefright. While I was dancing everybody was staring at me and the other dancers. I felt embarrassed. When I was rolling my arms the bubble wrap went round as well! I found it pretty annoying. BY RAEWYN

My part was to hold the 'HOH' but I only held the 'H' which means hydrogen! When it was my turn to hold the 'H' Ofa and Anni followed me!. I stepped on Ofa's foot and nearly slipped! Behind the 'HOH' there was a Mickey Mouse face! BY JUN

My favourite part was when Charlotte and I lifted up the gigantic grey dinosaur and pretended to make it drink fake water. BY KEVIN

My favourite part which was really cool was when the water wore away the rock. First two heavy, solid rock came up. These students introduced the rocks. Next, the students introduced the water. "Light, and nearly invisible!" said one of the students. And nearly invinsible, I thought. The water swished and swirled around the rocks.
"Over the passing of time" said one of the students in a wise voice. And then, suddenly the rocks slowly came down as if they were drowning! 'Wow,' I thought. Water is pretty amazing. BY CRISTINE S

I was one of the dancers, there were six water dancers and we had some plastic around our wrists. We had a t-shirt that was light blue that looked like water. We had a skirt that looked light and glittery. I had fun. BY JIHO

The recorder group started. They were interesting. Their music sounded like a flute. My brother enjoyed tghe show because he was singing the water cycle song when we got home. BY MARK

It was good I had a main part because I love acting and speaking. When we finished there was a HUGE round of applause and everyone was smiling like crazy. BY MOLLY

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