Friday, August 20, 2010

The Shrinking Potion

We all started with the same sentence starter but came up with many different results. Below is a selection of work from Room 8 students who were asked to write about what happened next.

The label on the jar said 'Shrinking Potion'. I didn't believe it would actually work...

On a dark night Hanbin and I went to the garden. We saw a bottle so we got it and poured it into a cup because we were thirsty. We thought it was raspberry juice so we started drinking it. Suddently we turned little. I thought things went big but I still liked it.
By You Seok.

On a stormy night at midnight in a rusty castle lived a monstrous little girl called Dahlia. She was an evil ittle witch and one day she decided to make a shrinking potion.
By Angela

"I wonder if it will work" said Ben. "Wow its like a spark of dust." I zoomed into the kitchen I got a galss of water and zoomed back to the jar and I put the stuff into the drink.
By Thomas

When the witch stirred all of the ingredients the couldn't find Jan because he was under the table. Will and the witch found Jan under the table. The witch got to Jan first so she carried him. Then Jan drank the potion and Jan got big like Will and they went back home.
By Tabitha

Jake drank the potion. 3, 2, 1... he shrank little by little and he performed a really high jump. He said in a squeaky voice to the wizard "I like being tiny".
By Ashane

One miserabla afternoon we went to a museum to look at a dinosaur skeleton. When we looked at the potion area something caught my eye. My friends thought the potion was rubbish but I didn't.
By Ethan

We both drank it fast and we found out the angry rabbit had found the hole and we were as tiny as a peg. So we quickly put the potion in our bags and got the key and ran away.
Ha Won

We had to do a wild mission.

They said that they wanted to be small and they finally got big again

I gave it a try. It smelt like perfume and tasted like lollies. Suddenly I was an ant.
By Christina

But there was a problem. I didn't know how to go back to a human.


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