Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Arataki Trip 1 December

Here are the students having a great day in the great outdoors. You will see them putting up tents, eating sausages and walking in the bush. They also made stretchers out of old jerseys and pieces of wood.

My favourite thing was the bush walk because I was the first leader. Also I like walking because it keeps me fit and healthy. I led the team to the right place but then the next leader took the wrong track. It took ages to walk back. By Nathan

I loved going on the Arataki trip. it was amazing. My favourite part was the stretcher with a ranger called Simon. We all got a turn, we used two large sticks and four jumpers and then it was time to get serious. We had to talk about safety. Simon told us a remarkable story about a man who fell off a cliff that was five meters high.We had a relay race Simon gave us a map of stuff we needed to collect like raincoat,drink bottle,bag,jumper,map and first aid kit.We had to cooperate so we discussed ho is going to run first.

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