Friday, March 25, 2011

Camping Trip

Yay!! We were going camping in the camping ground. I was so excited. It was a very hot day and we still had to put up the tent.  I felt sweat on me. The grass had turned into wheat, well it looked like it. Our tent was green like the grass. Lots of birds were singing and of course so were the cicadas. At night we couldn't get to sleep because it was raining very hard. It even sounded like hail. I was feeling cold and awake! My mum said "we won't get much sleep and will be very tired in the morning''. When I went outside to go to the bathroom there were puddles everywhere and they were all very deep. You could see lots of drops on the tent. In the morning my mum was right, we didn't get much sleep but my sister did. Then my mum checked the weather. She said that we would have to stay in a hotel. I felt disappointed but I still had a great time.              

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    I would like to go camping,stay at a hotel


    GOOD JOB :) :) :)