Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Howick Historic Village Trip

Here are some photos of the trip we went on.

Smack! Mrs Mills hit her stick hard on the desk. Room 8 was in the school room at Howick Historic Village. She told us to bow or curtsey then she said "sit down!" We sat. We had little chlak boards with little pens that looked like metal in front of us. I thought to myself it was time to do something different. We did a spelling test. The girls won.   By Brodie.

Smack! I felt extremely scared. We were in the school room. We had to  put our hands on  our desk. If  she  thought  they  were  too  long or to  dirty  we  would  get  smacked. I  was  really  scared  that  I  would  get  smacked. I  felt  nevous  as  well  Georgia  was  sitting  right  next  to  me.She  was  about  to cheek  me.  It  was  my  tern. You  wen't  even  allowed  to  speak  unles  the  teacher  talks  to  you. By Hannah.

My favourite part was the fun parlour games. The one game I liked was called Sqeak Little Pig Squeak. What you had to do was, one person in the middle of the cirlce had a blind fold on and held a pillow. Then they had to walk around the circle and put the soft pillow down in front of someone and then sit down on it. The other person said Squeak Little Pug Squeak and the other person had to guess who it was. It was a lot of fun.  By Zoe

Keep an eye on this space for some great recounts from the students.


  1. Hope room 8 had fun i did:.)

  2. Howick village is a cool as place game to go.Howick village was one of my favourite school trips:]