Monday, August 8, 2011


'Kah, kah, kah' Mum coughed. In the first week of the holidays at home my mum, my sister and I stayed at home because Mum was sick for one week .
    My Mum stayed in bed with her book. She was coughing like a bird that was chocking on something and she looked down. Days went past, she looked better every day.
    On the second week when my mum was better we went to the museum. We parked our car, then my sister and I ran around in the long thin grass. My sister and I sprinted to this triangle water fountain thing. I put both of my feet on the big fountain and slipped off and got soaked. My sister said 'wow'. We went in the museum we went every where. My favourite parts were the dinosaurs and the volcano room. I was amazed and so was my sister. ''Come here'' my mum told my sister "come on were going" My sister and I ran back to our car and drove off. I had a fun and great holiday, well mostly.

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  1. Great story writing, good adjectives used Aidan. I wish it were the holidays again and that I wasn't sick!