Friday, March 15, 2013

Belle's Trip To Kerikeri

On Saturday my family  and I went to Kerikeri  to see the rest of my family.   We stayed at my Nana's. It was cool to see my dog again because I haven't seen her since last year in February. She was fat! Then I went to  Katey's house. She's my cousin and she has five budgies. One of them flew away and one has still  got its baby  feathers. Their names are Tiptoe, Tako, Sunny, Buttercup and Bluebell. Beauty is the one that flew away and Tiptoe is the one who can't fly. Next I went to Nate's house. He has a baby sister and her name is Georgia. Shes cool and funny.  ThenI went back to Teetii.    

  by Belle

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  1. That's a great story Belle. Sounds like fun!