Monday, May 27, 2013

Science and Technology Challenge Recount by Belle and Nilpa

On Friday Rooms 8, 9, 18 and 19 went to the hall to do a science and technology challenfe. It was about making a safety stretcher out of newspaper, string and cellotape. It was hart to make it but when it was time to do the test to see whose was strong enough to hold a 5kg bag of potatoes my team got through. A lot of other teams failed so I felt sad for them. Belle

On Friday it was the technology fair. We had to make a stretcher with newspaper, string and tape. We had to make the stretcher in groups of four. Catherine, James and Oliver were in my group. We had no idea how to make a stretcher but James came up with a plan. We only had 20 minutes to make it. We had to carry a bag of potatoes. It felt like we were making it for hours. We made long handles because later people had to carry it around this obstacle course. We decided that James and Oliver should carry it. If you dropped it you were disqualified. Catherine and I thought we might be disqualified but our one made it through.    By Nilpa

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