Thursday, March 13, 2014

Middles Swimming Carnival

''  On your marks get set BOOM'',went the clapper,in nanosecond the smooth,calm water
had become froth and spit like jets of water shooting everywhere ,just like a sailors worst nightmare! Everybodys legs were going thwack,thwack,thwak,arms were churning the water to  pale white spit like bullets from a machine guns!About thirty seconds later,the five contestants were hauling themselves out of the pool.Then,the crowd went wild with yelling and screaming like maniacs!It felt like a mini earthquake the noise was so deafening.That same thing happened 8 times!And  about 3 billion bullets of froth and spit.Finally the swimming carnival ended,and a few minutes later all the year 4 students were packing up their chairs and trudging back to class.

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